How to code for beginners

Here is a collection of resources to explore how to code for beginners and computer science for beginners. I will be adding resources to this page as I find things. Please check back regularly for updated info.

Most of these resources are FREE. Anything that has a cost associated with it, I have purchased and completed myself and believe it is a valuable resource.

How to code for beginners FREE!

Michigan State University

  • Intro to Programming Using Python
  • Goal: When a student is presented with a problem, the response should be, “I can write a program to do that!”


  • Introduction to many languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and more
  • Provides estimated time to completion
  • Lessons are divided into categories: Web Development, Languages, Tools, APIs, and Data Analytics
  • Suggest picking a category and work through lessons in order!
  • Goal: Focuses mostly on an intro to web technologies (skills you learn here will help you build a website)

Khan Academy

  • Provides K-12 academic support for all disciplines.
  • Computing discipline includes: computer programming, computer science, Hour of Code, computer animation
  • Computer programming focuses on an intro to many languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and more
  • Computer Science focuses on true CS: algorithms, cryptography, information theory, and the internet
    • Internet 101 lesson is pulled from lessons on the Internet
    • Intended to give a very brief intro to the kinds of topics a Computer Scientist studies
  • For those truly interested in learning to code, suggest working through the computer programming  topics in order

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

  • Online e-book on learning to code using Python
  • Good introduction to programming using Python
  • This is a great resource for aspiring computer programmers to learn the syntax of Python on how to code
  • This is a great resource for aspiring computer scientists to learn the syntax of Python and how to use a programming language to complete complex tasks (iteration, string traversal, lists, recursion, etc)


Raspberry Pi

Harvard CS50

  • This is Harvard’s introduction to CS course. You can also take this course for free on EdX.
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