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CS For All

CSFORALL Consortium

This page is dedicated to the National CS For All initiative and the work that’s being done in Arizona.

The Computer Science for All Consortium  is a national organization that was formed in response to the White House CS For All Initiative released on January 30, 2016. I am a researcher who brings existing research into practical use for Computer Science educators.

Code.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing CS to every classroom. I am an AP Computer Science Principles facilitator bringing the curriculum and content knowledge to high school CS teachers.

Twitter is an excellent resource to see the up-to-date CS activities that are going on in classrooms every day. You can search using #CSForAll  for nationwide activities. Arizona CS educators are asked to use the hashtag #CS4AZ rather than #CSForAllAZ. The number 4 generally relates to local initiatives while “for” refers to national initiatives.

National CS For All Initiative Resources

FACT SHEET: A Year of CS For All December 5, 2016

Computer Science for All January 30, 2016

 Computer Science For All in Arizona

The State of K-12 Computer Science in Arizona provided by Code.org


Grand Canyon University and Science Foundation Arizona Promote Computer Science Education in AZ



President Barack Obama asks every American to learn to computer science, kicking off the Hour of Code.


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