The next 5-day Code Studio workshop will be held July 10-14, 2017 in Phoenix.

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Here are some comments from previous attendees of my Code Studio workshops:


Heather is our facilitator. One thing she did really well was gauge the participants in the room and what our needs were. She adapted the agenda as needed to allow us to talk about what we needed and fast forward through other topics. Another thing she does really well is offer suggestions about what works well for her that gets us thinking about what can work well for us.


It truly is one of the best PD I have been to.


Dr. Heather Monthie is very well versed in the material and very helpful


I’m tired. I miss spending time with my family and I dread getting up early and driving on a Saturday…. but I knew that I would get some valuable information and support today that will help me in the future with my teaching so I knew it was going to be worthwhile…and it was.


Thank you for this valuable resource. If I’m going to spend my Saturday away from my family “working”, this has been a decent way to do it.



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