Aviation and STEM Education

Aviation and STEM Education

Over the years, I have done a ton of different activities to help promote aviation to the next generation. Promoting aviation has always been something that has been important to me. A big part of the reason I personally enjoy doing some of the activities that I do is because I am a huge fan of science and math, which aviation is obviously a natural fit for these subjects. Since I have a pretty strong background in education as well as science, math, and technology, I am often asked to help plan activities for school age children and young adults to learn more about flying and being a pilot. Most of the time, I turn it around and use aviation as a means to teach kids about the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Use Aviation to promote STEM education

I would like for you to consider this approach when you are out in your own local community, sharing aviation with others. Use aviation as an opportunity to get kids excited about STEM careers. Show adults how they can be a part of aviation using the skills they already have. I am not going to cite any statistics here, but I am sure many of you have seen the need for highly-skilled technical professionals in the very near future. Aviation is an exciting means to get kids excited about subjects that can sometimes be boring or difficult to understand.

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