(Published under my maiden name)

Gollnow, H. R. (2014). Factors influencing the adoption of green it practices by decision-making IT managers (Doctoral dissertation, Capella University).

Gollnow, H.R. (2006). The effects of integrating technology into fourth grade writing instruction (Master’s thesis, Cardinal Stritch University).

Henley, W. H., Gollnow, H., Ranganathan, S., & Cherian, M. (2012). What to Convey in Anti-drinking and Driving PSAs for College Students?. LEaDinG THE Way, 285.


Technology & Research Interests:

  • Technostress and health
  • Technostress and social media
The Digital Economy
  • Internet commerce / eCommerce
  • Cybersecurity
Persuasive Technology
  • Changing behavior through technology
  • Fitness, sustainability, education, online marketing
STEM Education
  • Computer Science, IT, Cybersecurity, Healthcare IT, Informatics, Web Design
  • Kindergarten to Post-Doc, including K-12 Computer Science and Cybersecurity
  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge