6 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

YouTube is a resource that I refer a lot of people to when they’re interested in learning a new topic. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute, which means 2 things:

  1. Some of it is junk.
  2. When learning something new, it’s hard to separate the junk from the good stuff.

I spend quite a bit of time surfing YouTube and subscribe to some pretty good players. I am constantly learning and am constantly asked what I do to keep up with technology.

Here’s my list of current favorite YouTube channels. I am writing this post in the summer of 2017, so this list will change and evolve as time passes. Probably makes sense for me to make a version 2.0 of this list in summer 2018!

Top 6 YouTube channels that will make you smarter

6 YouTube Channels that will make you smarterSo here they are, my top 6 favorite YouTube channels. These are in no particular order other than the order they appear in my playlist.

  1. Patt Flynn – Patt has a huge online presence around online business and building a passive income online. His YouTube channel covers topics on email marketing, SEO, developing online courses, podcasting, and presentations. Out of every video I watch, I learn about a new resource for my own website that I didn’t know about before.
  2. Kelsey Humphreys – I just found her online and I don’t remember how. This woman is killing it in entrepreneurship. She gets some pretty big personalities on her online show “The Pursuit” and has now started documenting her hustle of how she’s getting all this stuff done! She’s really interested in sharing how she’s not in New York or LA, but is hustling in the online space. In fact, she’s in Oklahoma City, showing you can get all this done from anywhere! Watch her video about how she went from zero to Tony Robbins in 18 months and how she gets these massively influential people on her show!
  3. DottoTech – Steve Dotto shares lots of different tech tutorials. Some of it is basic others are a bit more advanced. I get a lot of tips and ideas that I never thought of trying before.
  4. WordPress Beginners Tutorials – The name here is self-explanatory. I have been using WordPress since it launched in 2003 and I still don’t know everything. When I need to look something up, I start here.
  5. Lewis Howes – Lewis is a former Arena football player who mastered Linkedin for networking. Now he uses his extensive network to bring us all the stories of these amazing people doing some pretty cool things. His YouTube channel is the video version of his podcast, The School of Greatness. I listen to the podcast during my commute!
  6. Gary Vaynerchuk – I won’t lie. I go back and forth on this guy. He’s real and to the point which I very much appreciate in people. His language is a bit off-putting to some people. If you’re easily offended, probably best to not have a listen! His YouTube is essentially a documentary of the daily grind that it takes to be an entrepreneur. I don’t watch this one every day, but I do get some pretty good tidbits of information to apply to my own goals.



What’s missing?

So what’s missing from this list? I am constantly looking for more great content on YouTube. What’s your favorite channel? Let me know in the comments below!


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